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Elevating Hawaiʻi's Future Through the Wisdom of Our Kūpuna

Dedicated to the spirit of Aloha ʻĀina, we uphold our traditions and values, ensuring a thriving Hawaiʻi for future generations. From aiding Maui's recovery to championing our Keiki, every dollar strengthens our community's bond with land, sea, and heritage.

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Current Projects

What We Do

Upcountry Maui Hui

In response to Maui's devastating fires, we've formed the Upcountry Maui Hui. Focused on community care, we coordinate vital efforts like clean water access, fire mitigation, and kupuna check-ins. As we adapt to this evolving situation, we're always on the lookout for helping hands.

Maui Waʻa Mental Health Restoration Project

In the wake of community upheaval, we're harnessing the healing power of Hawaiʻi's waters. Our initiative, in partnership with KailuaKanu, crafts waʻa to restore cultural ties and offer solace to the distressed. These waʻa not only symbolize resilience but reconnect us to the ocean's therapeutic embrace.

Keiki Clinics

Our future rests with our keiki. Through our clinics, young ones alongside adults delve into the heart of Hawaiian values—from discipline and unity to humility and honor. Through physical activities and waʻa teachings, we're passing down our legacy, ensuring that our traditions paddle forward.

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Dive deep into the heart of Hawaiʻi's traditions

Kai Hohonu workers teaching children how to operate a canoe

Aid communities rebuilding from devastation

Many Hawaiian leis on a fence, with a Hawaiian flag and the mountains in the background- a tribute to fire victims.

Ensure our keiki inherit a vibrant cultural legacy

Children by a small Hawaiian stream with nets.
A view of the ocean water in a small Hawaiian cove.